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How to decorate a New Year Tree.

From the manual for teachers "How to arrange a celebration of the New Year", Voronezh 1936.

Decorated Christmas tree, end of 1930s

A New Year tree is the central object of our winter celebration. It should bring joy and gladness to children, thus it needs attention to be paid for the question of its lighting and decoration.
Firstly we'll talk about the choice of a tree. If it is hard to find a nice fir, it's possible to substitute it by pine, cypress, larch or any other tree that looks like a fir.
After you'll place your tree, it needs to mount electric lighting if it is possible. It should be made by skilful electrician. After finishing of electric works it needs to perform an inspection by officer of electricity network and to draw up a report.
If there is no electrical lighting, it is categorically prohibited to illuminate a tree by candles.

During the decoration of a New Year tree it needs to create variety and abundance of nice-looking decorations in most uncommon combinations like bear and paratrooper, butterfly and pop-gun, etc.
Just this fairy and unusual neighborhood of very different items will bring joy and happiness to children of all ages.
Also among these things of all kind children will be happy to find a hut with a cockerel looking from the window, and nearby a fox catching him, and a cat sitting not far from them who is ready every second to rush for cockerel's help.
Oh, this is the tale about cat, fox and cockerel on the New Year tree! - children are smiling and they are happy to find their familiar tale.
These separate scenes on New Year tree won't break it delicate glitter, elegance and richness of decoration.

It is hard to give directions how to place ornaments on the New Year tree. It strongly depends on available decorations, on children's age and on artistic taste of people who decorate tree. But nevertheless we will try to give several practical advises.

Firstly it needs to decorate central and highest top of the tree by red or silver shining star. It is possible to decorate other 3-4 tops with small shiny pike tops made of blown glass.
On the highest branches there is no need to hang ornaments close to trunk. It's better to hang light and shiny ornaments to the ends of branches, and put threads of silver hoarfrost by contour of branches. This light and bright top of the tree will give its shiny and delicate look and all the bright ornaments that hang on the end of branches will perfectly be viewable despite of the height of the tree.
If the tree is much taller than children there is no need also to hang ornaments close to trunk on the branches of the middle of the tree. Among rarely placed shiny decorations it is necessary to hang ornaments that doesn't require close and detailed sight, i.e. candy containers, painted cones, nuts, small apples, flowers, sham fruits and vegetables, while it's possible to hang airplanes, parachutes, birds, butterflies closer to the ends of the branches.
Next tiers of New Year tree, that are closer to children, need to be decorated by larger ornaments, which generate desire to examine them in details.
On the lowest tiers closer to trunk there can be located dolls, elephants, monkeys, dogs, bunnies, clowns, cars with passengers, etc.
Hoarfrost or rain looks striking if it is located parallel to main branches of tree. This location will nicely underline the contours of the tree and will give pleasant glow through the branches.
Chains, flags and beads look good if they are hanging as garlands closer to the end of the branches.
Shiny ornaments from the glass should be concentrated denser to the top of the tree and rarely scattered over the whole tree. Such ornaments should be hanged to the end of the branches.

The special attention should be paid to the decoration of the foot of a New Year tree. The sorcery and enchantment of the tree should be kept entirely. To leave empty the foot of this fairy tree means not to finish the tree decoration. It's possible to put a small amount of the white fabric on the floor and cover the foot of the tree by branches.
It's possible to arrange from one side the lair with the Bear's head with bear cubs looking out from it and from other side the round dance of bunnies. It would be good to arrange the round tower with mouse, frog and hare looking out of the windows and fox, wolf and bear are near to the tower one by one. It's possible to arrange funny round dance of the dolls dressed in the clothing of various nations and dancing at the head of Jack Frost or Bear.

Translation by Grigorij

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