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Last years interest to Russian Christmas ornaments is continuously increasing and a lot of collectors have them in collections. But still Russian Christmas tree ornaments are not known enough to collectors.
Our mission is to provide our customers with all kind of Russian Christmas collectibles, starting from ancient decorations of XIX century and finishing by soviet vintage Christmas ornaments of 1940-1960.
As Germany was the main trading partner of Russia and Soviet Union till WWII we have some antique German ornaments as well.

Following our mission, we are offering not only antique Christmas ornaments but also Santa figures, flags for Christmas trees, candy containers, Christmas tree lights, toys and dolls. In our shop you will find rare and beautiful Russian and German Christmas ornaments made of glass, cotton and Dresden cardboard ornaments.
All of our ornaments are hand made or hand blown, and all of them were hand painted.

Dealing with antique Christmas ornaments we try not only to sell them, but to gather all pieces of histories regarding them.
About 90% of Christmas tree ornaments before revolution of 1917 were importing to Russia from other countries, mainly from Germany. Only 10% of assortment was produced by local masters. The decorations were approximately the same as in the Western Europe: there were hand made ornaments made of glass and cotton, of pressed cardboard and paper mashe, candy containers of different kinds, gilded nuts and cones, etc. In the soviet time appeared a lot of unusual propaganda Christmas ornaments, but still a lot of them continuing traditions of pre-revolutionary period.
We prepared illustrated materials about history of Russian antique Christmas ornaments, about the Russian cotton ornaments and translated a manual "How to arrange a celebration of the New Year" issued at 1936.

We love to seek vintage Christmas tree ornaments and to offer them to our customers. Old Christmas collectibles keep memory of the past and give the feeling of time.
We buy and sell only those Christmas collectibles, toys and dolls that we would like to see on our own Christmas tree and we want our buyers to be happy with their purchases and come back for more! We believe antique and vintage Christmas ornaments can not be compared with modern day items and that you will get real value for money.

All of our Christmas tree ornaments are 100% original and not a reproductions!

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